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A Program for White Anti-Racist Women


While I am a sole proprietor, working collaboratively with strategic partners is an essential part of my business. As a White woman, partnering with people of color, particularly Black women, ensures I regularly check my privilege and broaden my awareness of all the innocuous ways systemic oppression sneaks into my mind and my approach. This supports me to make healing and transformative choices for myself, my partners, and my clients. It also challenges me to walk my talk and keep it real! 

Working with long-standing training institutions enables me to reach a broader audience and learn from experts with a nuanced political analysis. The teaching teams I am a part of also give me a chance to workshop, learn and grow in community. While my partners, both individuals, and institutions, have been many over the years, below are three that I am either actively engaged with today or choosing to lift up.

Sherri Pittman and Authentic Allyship

Sherri Pittman and I have partnered to develop Authentic Allyship; Authentic Solidarity tailored to a multi-racial audience. This program is particularly appropriate for individual executive leaders and teams who want to take on more than just race, but also gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, position, age, and the intersectionality that matters in any organization seeking to create more equity and belonging.

Authentic Allyship draws on the Authentic Solidarity Values, Theory of Change, and Curriculum, but delves deeper into intersectionality. Sherri and Rebecca are also able to model a cross racial facilitation team. We transparently share how our different racial identities inform how we approach teaching and facilitating together, sharing space and power, and proactively lifting each other up in ways informed by history and present-day identity dynamics.

About Sherri Pittman

Sherri Pittman Howard brings over three decades of strategy, marketing and leadership development experience to her work as a facilitator, C-level executive coach and strategic advisor. Sherri’s work includes leadership development, board development, team building, DEI facilitation and strategic planning. Sherri is known for her ability to create safe space for authentic sharing, deep relationship building and group problem-solving.

Over the course of her career, she has driven growth for international consumer brands, built functions at high-growth startups, and consulted with social impact businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. This broad base of senior leadership experience in organizations of different sizes brings real-world insight to her client partnerships. 

Sherri is also the owner and CEO of Being Human. Her coaching work includes leadership assessment, skills building, executive management, team dynamics, and organization culture. You can learn more about Sherri here.


Compasspoint Nonprofit Services

Since 2014, I have led and co-led public workshops at CompassPoint. I am honored to be part of a BIPOC-led organization that focuses on collective liberation, Pro-Blackness, and actively seeks to bring the margins to the center. I teach “Coaching Skills for Leaders” and “Facilitation Skills: Creating Powerful and Purposeful Meetings” at CompassPoint. You can learn more and sign up for workshops here. CompassPoint’s leadership structure and internal systems (like compensation and hiring) strive to embody principles of distributed power, equity, and democratic participation

You can learn more about CompassPoint’s organizational equity journey on their blog here.