If you are seeking to strengthen your Executive or Leadership Team, or even your entire staff’s ability to speak courageously and take collective action on equity and inclusion, Authentic Solidarity can help you get there.

I have successfully tailored the Authentic Solidarity Public Program to meet the needs of Executive Teams of 10, Senior Leadership Teams of 40, and an entire staff of 80. I would love to tailor the program to meet your organization’s particular needs, goals and vision.

Ultimate Outcome

Ultimately, this work results in greater self-awareness, more calm communication, greater empathy and understanding, and tangible actions that foster real improvements in people’s lived experiences inside organizations and the constituencies we care about in the world.

Discovery & Design

In this phase I get to know you and your organization. I will often interview key stakeholders, review your existing materials, and work with your designated internal lead to tailor my program to meet your unique needs and meet you where you are along your equity journey. In this phase I also often administer an initial survey that sets us up to understand the program’s impact by the conclusion.

Authentic Solidarity Leadership Program Elements

Professionally facilitated group discussion & engaging activities supported by research, frameworks, and case examples that build personal awareness, a shared point of view, communication skills, and a collective vision. We work on taking action immediately, small steps that lead to greater organizational change.

Personal, private and confidential support to go deep, bust through barriers, and feel championed to step up, stretch and grow.

I will work with each individual to develop their own personal equity stretch goal – something active they can implement immediately and learn while doing.

Each leader gets matched with another participant in the program for peer support and accountability, ensuring the work continues after the formal program concludes.

After the conclusion of the program (and/or throughout), consultations can be built in to guide your organizational equity and belonging strategy development.

High Hope

“My personal hope for each of you is that you find your voice around racial equity and that leading in this space feels like a joy, something that expands the possibility for relationships, trust, and impact, rather than a “have to” it should feel like; “I want to.”

— Rebecca Aced-Molina

Example Outcomes


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