About Rebecca

Rebecca is a highly creative self-starter. “If I didn’t see the job out there I wanted, I invented it.

For over 18 years, as a self-employed small business owner, Rebecca has designed, facilitated, and evaluated leadership programs around the globe. For example, she served as a learning coach for the Global Health Fellows Program, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Global Health (GH) bureau’s premiere Fellowship program, and as the Associate Director of the California/Hawaii Public Health Leadership Institute. She has published reports on Educational Leadership, Parent Leadership, Policy Advocacy, and Cross Cultural Leadership and writes a blog entitled, “Transitions”.

Rebecca is also a highly sensitive and deeply transformational coach. Trained and certified by Leadership that Works in 2011, only two years later she was invited to teach the course, “Coaching for Transformation” an ICF accredited program.

“I love the moment in coaching sessions in which time kind of stops, and we are both surrounded and moved and stilled by the power of love, something so simple but previously not accessible becomes within our reach.”