A Program for White Anti-Racist Women



A Program for White Anti-Racist Women

For too long, too much of diversity, equity, and inclusion work – both within organizations and in social movements – has fallen on the shoulders of people of color. It’s time for white leaders to step up our game. This doesn’t mean trying to be the savior – it means deep listening, confronting courageously our inevitable bias, and working in true partnership with people of color.


A Program for White Anti-Racist Women

As a white identified woman, have you ever asked yourself the following:

  • How can I take a stronger stand for my equity values in my work and life?
  • How can I effectively respond to feedback about blind spots related to race or power? What if I don’t agree?
  • Does my feminism get in the way of my anti-racist work, or can I use it as a bridge?
  • What is the right constituency for me to be working with, or the best role to play, given my identity?
  • How do my other identities, besides gender, intersect with my anti-racism work?


this program is for you

Join a hand selected, intimate, group of other white identified women leaders, influencers, and advocates to bring about radical change in yourself, your work, and the world. Our cohort model puts you in deep learning and conversation with other equally committed change agents, facilitated by Rebecca Aced-Molina, an expert coach, trainer, and group facilitator with more than twenty years experience.


We will come together as a cohort for a six-month transformational journey

It will begin with a 2-day retreat in a historic workshop space in downtown Oakland, California in which we will begin the process of situating ourselves in our personal racial and gender justice story, re-engage with our purpose and passion for social change, become solid in our analysis of history and what the present moment is asking for, and create a vision for what could be; for ourselves, our work, and the world. We will participate in an on-going support group, including monthly 90-minute group calls, where we will support and hold each other accountable for; having courageous conversations and taking a stand for people of color. We will explore how this work intersects with taking a stand for ourselves as women and unpack together what happens as we step out in new ways. Individual coaching support with Rebecca will happen throughout, in monthly, personal 60 minute coaching sessions, so you can go to the more vulnerable places, the deeper doubts and the audacious visions, to give life to your authentic solidarity. Throughout our time together, Rebecca will bring in a variety of modalities that go beyond the typical diversity training including; Coaching for Transformation, Internal Family Systems, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Community Organizing.


This program will support personal healing and a variety of practical applications; from everyday communication to systemic policy change

By the conclusion of the program you will be able to infuse your on-going work with calm, confident communication about race, gender, and other forms of oppression, including your unique contribution or stand as a white woman.

This holistic approach will support you to:

Receive feedback from people of color and/or other white allies nondefensively

Provide feedback to other emerging white allies without triggering defensiveness

Move open ended discussions about race to bold and specific action

Create conditions within your organization for appropriate risk taking around sensitive power dynamics

Balance getting your own needs met, as a woman, while leveraging your privilege responsibly

Repair relationships that have been strained because of issues related to race, gender or power

Raise funds for a people of color led social change effort

Are you ready to take your next big step?



Racial justice and finding my way of standing in authentic solidarity as a white woman has been my life’s work. My social impact career has taken me from facilitator of multi-racial policy change, to leadership program developer, to women’s health advocate, to executive and team coach. I’ve worked in grassroots non-profits, international aide, higher education, and philanthropy.

While I’ve worked in social equity for twenty years, the work has rarely been explicitly anti-racist. I felt a lot of pressure to “get it right” and yet, I didn’t have a space or support to create a vision for what true partnership with anti-racist movements could look like, or successful approaches modeled for me. Today, as a transformational coach and coach trainer, my anti-racist work has taken a new direction. This has been a powerful change based both in more humility and more bravery.

That’s why I created the Authentic Solidarity Leadership Program. This is a unique program that will allow you to work on multiple levels; building historical knowledge, debriefing and unpacking your own experience, knowing yourself on a deep level, aspiring to and imaging greater possibilities, and learning by taking action.


A Program for White Anti-Racist Women

  • Do you have gifts and contributions that aren’t being fully tapped?
  • Are you an organizational leader or social entrepreneur seeking support in areas such as clarifying your vision and direction, tapping into your true purpose, or managing difficult dynamics at work?
  • Do you want to unpack, explore, and strengthen your approach to equity?

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